Viewing Your Data

To view records that have been captured, first select the form relating to the records that you wish to view.

  1. Select Forms from the main menu
  2. Select the form relating to the records that you wish to view from the forms list
  3. The Completed Records button on the form dashboard will indicate how many records are currently available to be viewed.

  1. Clicking Completed Records will display your records in a table

Completed Records

No. on the diagramFeatureDescription
1Show/Hide ColumnsAllows you to hide columns when viewing the data
2Expand GridIncreases the size of the grid to show more of your data on screen
3FilterData can be filtered and saved
4Column SortingYou can choose to sort your columns by pressing on the up/down arrows at the top of each column. E.g. sorting by data order, mobile user, or grouping items.

You should also read the section on Filters to find out how to create advanced searches and custom views on your data.


Viewing Media Files

Captured photographs, sketches and signatures appear as thumbnail images on within the grid. To view them in greater detail, simply click the thumbnail to reveal the full sized image.

If photo controls have Include Location checked on the form, you will see the location data displayed on the bottom of the full sized image as seen below.

Audio and video files display as a hyperlink within the grid, clicking the hyperlinks downloads the files to your computer and you can view them using the media players installed on your machine.

Viewing Locations

If your form is location aware, and a valid location signal was obtained when the data was captured, you can view this location on a map. 

The location field is located in teh last column of each record. If a valid location was captured then you will see a hyperlink containing an address. Clicking the link will open a window showing a map and push-pin icon to indicate where the record was captured. A red circle surrounding the push-pin icon indicates a radius of accurancy. This is also how you would view the data from a location control.

Location accuracy can vary drammatically based upon the quality of the GPS antenna in the mobile device and environmental conditions at the time the reading occurred.

You can also click Map all locations in the left-hand menu which will display a push-pin icon for all of the records that you are currently viewing.