The location control allows the mobile user to record their current location at that point in time.


The control is displayed on the device as a button which when pressed by the mobile user shows the current GPS signal strength and accuracy over a period of time.

Once the user is happy with the accuracy, they can accept the reading which is then stored.


Manual Location is a specific feature for the WorkMobile 2.0 app and provides you with the ability to select exact locations whilst out in the field.

By using Manual Location on your Form, Mobile Users will be able to precisely select locations using Open Street Map in either the Standard or Satellite view.

This feature could be particularly useful in highlighting important site landmarks such as fire escapes and water tanks, minimising errors and confusion on future work. 


Using Manual Location

You can configure the widget to allow your end-user to overide the captured GPS location manually when using the mobile app. To do this, see the following example:

  • Add a Location control within the Form Designer

Then, within the Location Properties, tick the 'Allow Manual Selection' checkbox.


Mobile App

Once on the app, users will now be able to drop a pin to manually select a location that they would like to highlight. To drop a pin, simply tap the location you would like to select.

A reset button has been included in the event of your users selecting an incorrect location. The reset option will revert the user back to their initial location.


Completed Records

In order to identify Manual Locations uploaded by the mobile user, when viewing locations in the Completed Records, those locations will be marked as below:



Manual Location is included as ‘ManualOverride’ when using exportform in the API. Setting the value to “True” will enable Manual Location.

Not including ‘ManualOverride’ in the Form XML will set the value to “False”.