Allocating and Reallocating Jobs

Allocating Jobs

When you click Save and Allocate at the end of configuring a job, you will be taken to a list of Mobile Users. You need to then select a user and click Save from the left-hand menu.

There is also the option to send an SMS message or email to a mobile user when they have been aloocated a job (only viable if the mobile user have a mobile number attached to it). Otherwise the user will only know about the job when they log into the mobile app.

You can save a job to allocate at a later date, to do this click Save rather than Save and Allocate. You can then open the job to edit later on and allocate by selecting Allocate from the left-hand menu.

Re-allocating a Job

At any time, you may wish to re-allocate a job to another individual. to do this, select the job from the jobx list to edit/view the job.

Click the Allocated to link and you'll be presented with a list of your mobile users. Select the new user you wish to re-allocate the job to and the job will be re-allocated.

You can also re-allocate a job back to the same individual. If the job was rejected because there was nobody at the address, you would change the Estimated Job Start Date to a new date and re-allocate back to that same user.

Job Allocate Email

This option appears at the top of the Job Allocate page and ticking this option will mean all selected mobile users that have an email address associated with them, will receive an email after the allocation.

Once a mobile user has received an email using this feature, they will then not receive further emails using this feature for 20 minutes, this is to avoid several emails being sent to the same mobile user in quick succession.

This feature is also available when using the Bulk Job Upload option, as well as WMTool.