Closing a Job

Once a job has been completed or rejected, an operator or office-based worker can mark a job as closed. This means it cannot be re-allocated or edited. You can close a job before it is completed if the job is deemed no longer necessary for example, a customer cancels an appointment and does not wish to reschedule.

Closing a single job

To close individual jobs, you can click on a job from the Jobs list to edit/view the job. Once you're on the Edit Job page you can select Close Job from the left-hand menu.

Closed jobs will then appear in the Jobs list with the new status.

Closing Multiple jobs

From the Jobs List you can deallocate and close multiple jobs using the filters. This will not deallocate or close any jobs that are In-Progress. To do this, filter the jobs to show only the ones you wish to deallocate and close and then click Deallocate & Close Filtered Jobs in the left-hand menu.