Deleting a Sub-Form

In order to delete a sub form, it needs to be de-linked from the parent form. You can do this via the form designer.

De-linking the Sub Form

  • Navigate to the Parent Form Dashboard (you will see the sub form name in the left-hand menu)
  • Click Edit Form
  • Click the Sub Form Control from here you can either:
    • Change the form using the Sub Form drop-down list
    • Delete the control from the form designer


This should de-link the parent form and the sub form. This also means any data you had put through on the subform will also no longer be linked to the parent form. If you need the data to be linked, I recommend downloading the data before de-linking the forms.

As forms can act as sub forms for multiple parent forms, you will need to ensure that you have completed the above steps for every parent form the sub form is linekd to.

Deleting the Sub Form


Once you have de-linked the forms, the process to delete the sub form is the same as deleting any other form.