Report Notifications

Report notifications allow you to email a pre-defined WorkMobile report to specified individual as either a PDF, Word or Excel document. Report notifications require a form with an active report on the account.

Setting up the Notification


Sender Email Address

Choose from either the default, the email address associated with your account, or a custom email address.


Recipient Email Address

If you're sending to a fixed address click the Specify Address radio button and enter an address. You can add additional address by clicking the Add button.

You can also use a dynamic address, i.e. an address that's been entered onto the form. To do this click the Choose Field option and use the drop-down list to pick a field from your form.


Email Subject

You can either enter in a fixed subject line or build up a dynamic subject line by using the Select Field drop down to 'mail merge' data into the subject line.


Email Body

Using the editor, you can build up and format the body of the email using features you'd find in a simple Word Processor. In addition you can use the Select Field drop down selector to 'mail merge' data into your body text.


Report Attachment

  • Report - Choose the report that you wish to attach to the email
  • Report Format - Choose from either PDF, Word or Excel
  • Attachment Name - Using the editor, you can create an attachment name usign the text editor as well as using the Select Field drop-down option. Leaving this option blank will mean attachment names use the default naming convention.


Job Status Notification

If the form associated with this notification is also associated with a job type, you'll be given the opportunity to choose which status changes will trigger this notification to fire. You can choose one more more states.


Save and Test the Notification

When the notification is triggered, your recipient should receive an email with your message and an attachment containing the data from the form in the selected report.