Exporting Data

You can export your data at any time. To do this click the Download Data button under the Actions menu on the left-hand side of the Completed Records grid.

You will then be presented with two tabs, Standard and Advanced. The Standard options are below:


Download OptionDescription
Download AllDownloads all data that is currently stored on the server against this form in CSV format
Download All with ImagesDownloads all records that are currently stored on the server against this form including images with separate file paths
Download NewOnly downloads the records that have not been previously downloaded in CSV format
Download New with ImagesOnly downloads the data and images that have not yet been downloaded.


You also get the option to mark downloaded records as old, which will stop them being downloaded as part of the "Download New" option. This is a checkbox at the bottom of the screen.

Advanced Downloads


The second tab, Advanced, includes more refined methods of download:

Download OptionDescription
Record IDYou can pick specific records to download by giving a range, this works on ID rather than Original ID as the Original ID is not necessarily unique.
Job NumberYou can provide a range of Job Numbers to select only the data that has a related job.
Mobile UserYou can select all the data from a specific Mobile User, or download all Mobile User data.
Date RangeYou can enter a date range and only data that was uploaded within that time frame will be downloaded. This validates on the Created Date column rather than Uploaded Date, so bear this in mind when entering a date range.


Alongside these options, you can choose to Download ImagesMark records as downloaded and Only download records that haven't been marked as downloaded using the checkboxes at the bottom of the screen.