Connecting Data SQL Server Using WMConnect

Type your content here.WMConnect is a feature that allows you to export all your Completed Records from any Form you choose to your own database, or we can host a database for you. With your data in a database you control, you can then use other tools that require database access, such as PowerBi and Tableau.

We export all data into a table for each selected Form in the WorkMobile WMConnect Dashboard and then create a view based on the SQL Table Name you provide for the Form and the SQL Column Name for each field. 

Tables for Mobile Users and User Groups will also be exported into separate tables.

SQL Logins will also be created that match your WorkMobile logins. The Account Holder login will have full access, and all Secondary Logins are given access as per their User Group visibility.


Database Hosting

If you choose to export to a database of your own, we will direct you to download the WMConnect Windows service, which once installed and configured will connect to WorkMobile and download an encrypted file containing a SQL script that gets run against your database.

Alternatively, we can host a database on your behalf using a new SQL server, and we will then provide you with the connection details for it.


Enabling WMConnect

To enable WMConnect for your account, please visit the Settings page and tick the Enabled checkbox under the WMConnect section before pressing the Save option

Once the Settings page has been saved, you will be shown a Token, which will be used for connecting to WMConnect, and also informed that a member of WorkMobile Support will be in contact.

After WMConnect has been enabled for the account, access to this can then be granted to portal users through the Logins page


WMConnect Login Role

To allow access for your portal login, simply tick the WMConnect login role found within the Login Edit page. Doing this will allow your portal user to access the WMConnect Dashboard as well as dictating SQL Table and Column Names.

Access to WMConnect features can be revoked for your portal user by unticking this login role.


WMConnect Dashboard

Once WMConnect is enabled and portal users have been given access, the WMConnect Dashboard will become available to you on the main Dashboard.

From this Dashboard, users will be able to choose which Forms are included in your database.

WMConnect Active

To select a Form to be used by WMConnect, find your Form in the table and then click the respective WMConnect Active checkbox. Ticking this checkbox will also allow users to supply SQL Table and Column Names for their Forms and respective fields - this is discussed below.

Extraction Status

To select a Form to be used by WMConnect, find your Form in the table and then click the respective WMConnect Active checkbox. Once ticked, the Extraction Status for this Form will also become available and ticked. If the Extraction Status is ticked, this means that when the WMConnect service is running, data will be being extracted for this Form. Unticking the Extraction Status for a Form will mean that even when the WMConnect service is running, it will not be extracting data for this particular Form.

As well as changing the Extraction Status for individual Forms, there is also a global Pause and Enable Extraction option, which can be found in the left-hand menu. Selecting to Pause all Extractions will pause extraction for all Forms on the account, and extraction will only resume once the Re-Enable all Extractions has been selected


SQL Table Names

Once a Form has been activated for WMConnect through the WMConnect Dashboard, the option for an SQL Table Name will appear on the Form Dashboard. This will automatically copy the name of the Form, but will remove all spaces and special characters

SQL Table Names must be unique across the account. 


SQL Column Names

Like with SQL Table Names, once WMConnect has been activated for a Form, users will see an option to supply an SQL Column Name for all data capture fields within the Form Designer

The SQL Column Name for a field will copy the Caption used and remove spaces and special characters. 

SQL Column Names must be unique across the Form.