The Segment Control is a visual way of providing feedback and can be used as a way of analyzing reviewed data when you need a single response from a small list of options. For example, if you are evaluating the health and safety measures of a construction site, then a Segment Control is a simple and effective way of recording your findings.


For example you may ask the question:- 'Was the customer happy with this visit?, to which the responses may be 'Yes', 'No'. The control can display the possible responses as either text or an icon e.g. a smiley face or a sad face.

Segment controls collect information in the same way as radio buttons or drop down lists, but instead of just checking a box or choosing a word from a list, the control can display the possible responses as either text or an icon e.g. a smiley face or a sad face.

  • In order to add a Segment Control to your form, you must log into your portal account and open the form designer.
  • From within the Basic Data Capture menu, select the Segment control.

You will now be able to adjust the behavior of the control through the Segment Editor located within the properties panel.

  • You can change which mode you want your segment to be displayed as by toggling between the Text and Icon buttons.
  • If Text mode is selected, the Segment textbox will allow you to change the text displayed within the segment. You can add an alternative caption if required by ticking Alternative Caption and typing the text within the textbox.
  • If Icon mode is selected, then you can select the segment you want to edit and choose from an array of different icons from within the Segment Icon section.
  • By ticking Value Default, it will automatically highlight the segment you require when you first open your form.

  • If you require additional segment fields then you can do this by dragging and dropping Drag to add New Segment within the segment section.
  • If you want to delete any unwanted segments, them you can simply drag and drop the segment within the Drop Here to remove Segment section.
  • Once you are happy with the changes you have made within the Segment Editor, select Done.