May 2024 Release Notes

Release Date:



Job Duration more

We've updated our job duration feature to include Days, Hours, and Minutes, replacing the previous limitation to just hours. This change allows for more precise scheduling and reporting across our platform.


Bug Fixes:

The Extensibility login role is now unchecked by default.

Fixed an issue where auto report previews would fail when forms containing '&' are updated and auto regenerated.

Resolved a bug causing report preview errors for forms with '/' upon updates and auto-regeneration.

Corrected display issues in the Data Editor where Memory Control data was not appearing.

After editing a record in the Data Editor, blank photos are no longer replaced with "Image Not Found" in completed records.

Navigation buttons are no longer greyed out in the new job notification; users can proceed without having to cancel and re-enter.

Users can now amend multiple segment controls at the same time without issues.

Fixed a permission bug that prevented viewing jobs unless Library permission was granted.

Resolved an error when using 'Save As' for a form with WMConnect enabled.

The signature control now remains blank without showing "Image not found" in the Job Editor when no signature is provided.

Addressed an issue in the Data Editor UI where the interface would clear when adding a new Multi Photo image.

Fixed the text entry issue in barcodes within the Data Editor.

Manual Location markers are now retained when reverting records through Revision History.

Entries in Form Export no longer duplicate after adding new entries in the Form Designer.

Renaming a Sub Form now only renames the intended Sub Form control.

SQL column names are no longer case-sensitive to prevent naming clashes.

Multi Photo fields now remain visible in WMConnect View after being edited in the Form Designer.

Fixed a bug where saving a Filtered View containing a "Duration" column resulted in an error.

The 'Delete' option has been moved for better usability in managing mobile users.

Updated breadcrumbs separators to '/' for improved navigation clarity.

Implemented a force function to prevent browsers from auto-populating username and password fields for new users.

Removed 'location' column from the Form List Grid for a streamlined view.

Reduced column width of 'published' in Forms list Grid to optimize screen space.

Users can now type more than 20 characters in the 'Forgot Mobile User Password' option, enhancing usability.


When upgrading your WorkMobile2.0 app, we strongly recommend that you follow our Best Practice guide found here.