Uploading a Drop-Down Data Source

The uploading and updating of CSV and XML files to be used for Data Link Drop-down controls within your Forms can be managed via the Media page on the WorkMobile website.

Using the Drop-down Source Upload option within the Media page

From the main Dashboard, select Media from the left-hand menu


Within the Media page, select Drop-down Source Upload from within the left-hand menu.



Clicking the Drop-down Source Upload option will open the Data File Picker pop-up.

From within the Data File Picker pop-up, users can upload new CSV or XML files that they would like to be used within Data-Link Drop-down controls on their Forms as well as overwrite existing files.

When overwriting an existing CSV or XML file, users will need to make sure that the Unique file name exactly matches the name of an existing file on their account and then confirm they want to overwrite this.

Successful file uploads will appear within the Media list and will be accessible within the Form Designer.