Page Break

Used to separate a form into individual pages. As in real-world forms, you'll often come across instances whereby sections or pages of a form aren't applicable based upon a previous input. Using skip=logic provides you with the ability to build this logic into your WorkMobile forms.

Page Break

When the form is shown on the mobile device, the system will display each form page separately. The mobile user is provided with the ability to navigate forward and backwards through the individual pages. ‘Skip Logic’ can be applied to pages in order to determine which pages are displayed dependent upon other inputs. 

Page NameLabel assigned to this page and is used by the Target property (see below).
TargetTarget page to navigate to should the conditions be met within the supplied formula 


Using the Target Property to Implment Skip Logic

Example Scenario:
Suppose that we have a number field on our form which has been given the caption ‘Score’ and has
permissible values ranging from 0 to 99.If the score is <=30 then this is classed as a fail. When we get a fail, we then want to ask the person if they wish to retake the test and if so, on what date. Finally we want to take a signature. If the score is >30 then we simply take a signature

In the form above, we have 2 page breaks. The first is labelled Fail Page and the second is labelled End Page.

In formula field on the fail page, we’ve added the following test:


Basically this means that if the value entered into Score is greater than 30, the system will jump straight to the target page which is End Page. Otherwise, the fail page will be displayed.