February 2024 Release Notes

Release Date:



UI Refresh

We're thrilled to unveil a comprehensive redesign of WorkMobile's user interface. Our goal is to deliver an experience that not only looks better but also works more efficiently for you. This release is the first part of an ongoing programme of improvement that we’ll be undertaking throughout the year. 

Redesigned Tables: Maximized use of screen space to show more entries at a glance and minimize scrolling. Plus, updated with fresh, modern icons for a cleaner look. 

Revamped Dashboard: Your main dashboard now offers easier access to the tools you use most. Key functions are now front and centre, saving you time and clicks. 

Reorganised Pages: We've broken down pages into more targeted sections for specific user roles, like 'Mobile Users', making it simpler to find and manage the information that's relevant to you. 

Streamlined Navigation: The updated navigation bar and menus reflect our goal of making your movements within the platform more logical and less cluttered. 

Brighter Interface: A brighter colour scheme and improved contrast ratios not only elevate the aesthetic but also enhance readability and focus. 

If you have any questions, need support, or want to give feedback, please reach out to WMSupport


Support User more

In order to assist with support queries, WorkMobile has now introduced Support User. This new functionality allows for a more hands-on approach in customer support, providing the WorkMobile Support team with the ability to access user accounts directly, ensuring efficient and effective resolution of support queries. .


Bug Fixes:

Self Referencing formula bug fix on the WorkMobile2.0 application.

Ability to see more Menu options within the WM2 Portal.

Revision History table will now display when form fields contain the following characters, [ ]

Null check on Job Location

Switchable logging for SOAP request added

Fix to stop too many attributes being written to gateway doc 

Unable to save a Form when initially logged into a Free Account

Improve performance when updating forms in User Groups that contains a large amount of mobile users

Increase timeouts for retrieve new jobs

Return 403 in WebAPI for objects that aren't on the account


When upgrading your WorkMobile2.0 app, we strongly recommend that you follow our Best Practice guide found here.