Media Capture - Common Properties

You'll find the following properties common to any controls that allow input of data:-


CaptionThis is the label or caption that appears on screen and is generally used to describe what to input, e.g. NameEnter Address etc
Unique NameYou can think of this as the field name. By default, this is set to be the same as the Caption. If you're going to be using expressions however, it's often better set this manually. This is especially useful if you have a long caption name and also allows you to change the Caption without breaking any expressions that reference this field. For example, you may have a Text Box with the Caption Enter customer name here, in this case you may set the Unique Name to CustomerName which is obviously easier to reference.
Ready OnlyIf checked, then the field is read only and can only be used to display information.
RequiredDetermines if the current field requires some form of input before allowing the user to progress to the next page or save. Options are:-
Yes (field is required)
No (field is not required)
Formula (An expression can be used to determine if this field is required)
HiddenUsed to hide or show both the contents of a field and its associated caption. Options are:-
Yes (field is hidden)
No (field is not hidden)
Formula (An expression can be used to determine if this field is hidden)