WMTool is a stand-alone Java App that provides a convenient wrapper around the most useful functions within WorkMobile API. This allows you to create automated tasks from the command line such as downloading data, creating/maintaining users lists or uploading jobs.

It will run on Windows, MacOS and Linux. A Java runtime environment must be installed first – this can be downloaded at:



Using WMTool

WMTool works by passing it a particular command followed by any relevant options. The syntax is as follows:

java -jar wmtool.jar command [ options ]

For a full list of supported commands, type the following:

java -jar wmtool.jar help

For further information on a specific command, for example formdata:

java -jar wmtool.jar formdata --help

WMTool will return 0 (zero) for sucess following any command, or 1 (one) for any error. In a Windows command prompt, this is available as the ERRORLEVEL.