Using IntelliSense

If you're familiar with using Excel or even other coding tools, then you'll be familiar with the concept of intellisense. If not, then to explain, Intellisense is a powerful code completion and suggestion feature that makes writing expressions easier. It provides context-aware suggestions and auto-completions. IntelliSense is designed to boost your productivity and reduce errors.

IntelliSense is built into the Expression Builder which will launch when clicking into any available formula box, this includes Required, Hidden and Value formulas.


As part of IntelliSense, as you type, it will provide suggestions based on your input. These suggestions could be fields on your form or functions. Once a list of suggestions has appeared, press Tab or Enter to accept a suggestion, reducing the need for manual typing and minimizing errors.



Parameter Hints

When you have a function highlighted, IntelliSense displays, helping you understand what values to provide. It also highlights the currently active parameter, making it clear where you should input your data.



Syntax Highlighting

IntelliSense also includes colour coding and syntax highlighting to improve code readability. Different elements in your expression, such as variables, functions, and operators, are displayed in distinct colours. This visual cue makes it easier to understand and review your code at a glance.