Using Document Libraries

Document libraries allow you to attach files such as PDFs or Word Documents to certain forms and user groups so that your mobile users can reference them while completing forms.

This can be particularly useful, for example, if there are risk assessment forms to fill in, you may want your mobile user to be able to reference health and safety policies and guidance.

Setting up a Library

Libraries can be grouped into folders in order to help you better organise your documents into a logical structure.

In order to set up a document library:

  • Select Libraries from the main Dashboard screen left-hand menu
  • Select New Library from the left-hand menu
  • Enter a Name, and Description to provide a meaningful description of the contents of the library
  • Choose which User Groups or Mobile Users have access to the library
  • Click Save in the left-hand menu

Allocating a Library 

After supplying a Library Name, users can choose whether to allocate the Library to User Groups or Mobile Users. It's important to note that while you can select multiple User Groups or multiple Mobile Users, you are unable to select both Mobile Users and User Groups.

Adding Documents

To add a document to your library:

  • Select the document library from the document library list to which you want to add your document 
  • Click New Library Document (see below)



Single Upload

  • Click Browse and select the file from your local computer that you wish to upload
  • Add a Description if required to describe the document to your users
  • Click the Published checkbox to make the document available
  • Optionally, you can make the document available for reference within one or more specific forms by selecting from the Linked User Forms

Multiple Upload

  • Click Browse and select the file(s) from your local computer that you wish to upload. You can hold down ctlr or shift to select multiple documents
  • At this point, the documents will all be uploaded and marked as Published by default.


Video Guide

Need further help, then why not watch this video?