Retrieving Lookup Data

You will notice that the data returned and that you submit is quite raw. We ask you to submit an Id in many places rather than a string or a mnemonic. We have focused on making this new API as lean and scalable as possible and we have left some of the syntactic sugar out to help with this.

The data internally is checked against applicable business rules and only valid data combinations are accepted

Where we return data that has a column which is an integer to signify something or we ask you to provide a 'magic number' such as Job Status, Report Format or NotificationFormat then we will provide a list of permitted values and their human readable decode.

You can either utilise this list or use your own constants in your application code. Most of these values are static and it extremely unlikely that we will change any of the numbers already in use - so you are free to create your own constants rather than continually having to discover these values from the API.

Any changes would be obvious and well communicated, we work hard to ensure that integrations carry on working even in the event of new features and functionality.


Examples of these types of values can be found at the following endpoints

  • /api/jobs/jobstatuslist
  • /api/notificationhistory/notificationtypelist
  • /api/notificationhistory/notificationformatlist
  • /api/notificationhistory/notificationstatuslist