Making a Field Searchable

Once you've started to capture data digital, you'll want to make use of that data in the back-office. Often you'll want to search on a specific field to locate certain records. WorkMobile allows you to do this, however in order to optimise searching within the database, you need to specify which fields on the form are 'searchable'.

If you're using the WorkMobile portal to view and manage your captured data by using the completed records screen, you need to consider how your users will search for records.

For example, if your users generally search for completed data using either a customer name, a customer reference or a job reference, in addition to obviously having these fields present on your form, you also need to mark them as Searchable

To do this:

  • Select the field that you wish to make searchable within the form designer
  • Check the Searchable property with the values panel.

By doing this, the relevant indexes are then created in the underlying database ensuring that search performance is optimal.

The field will then automatically appear in the list of fields in the filters panel of the completed records fields alongside the standard pre-defined fields.