SMS Notifications

SMS notifications can send an SMS message to a recipient, triggered by the completion of a form or by various job statuses. These are useful for sending shorter messages, but cannot be replied to.

Setting up the Notification

SMS notifications still work in a similar way to the previous notifications, however there are fewer steps as there is no option to send attachments and there is no HTML formatting available.

Recipient Telephone Number

There are two options for adding a recipient for an SMS notification, either specifying a number yourself, or choosing a field from the form. You can only specify one phone number for this notification.

SMS Message

This is the area where you can type in the message. The message will be the same for each of the SMS notifications that go out, unless you choose to add form data using Select Field

Adding Job Status fields can be useful for SMS notifications for progress monitoring as they can be set to trigger at each Job Status change.