Creating your first Mobile User

For each person in your organisation that will be using your WorkMobile solution on their mobile device, you’ll need to set up a Mobile User login.

To do this, within the WorkMobile portal:

  • Select Add a New Mobile User from the main dashboard.

You’ll now see a page in which you can fill out all the fields required in order to create your Mobile User. As a minumum however, simply complete the following:

  • Enter First Name and Last Name 
  • Enter Username. The username needs to be unique. 
  • Enter Password.
  • Ensure the Active toggle is enabled. 
  • Finally click Save

So far therefore, we've created a simple WorkMobile form and added a mobile user. It's now time to download and user the mobile app from either the Apple App Store, or Google Play.


Video Guide

Need further help, then why not watch this video?