Full List of Commands

Below is the full list of commands support by WMTool.

addformCreate a new form
addgroupCreate a user group, optionally set logon form
addformtogroupMake a form visible to a user group
addjobtypeCreate a new job type
addnotificationCreate a new notification
addpostAdd an extended format HTTP POST notification
allocatejobAllocate (or re-allocate) a job to a mobile user
changeusersgroupChange a mobile user's group
closejobClose a job
csvtransformTransform a CSV by making it match the column list in the template CSV file
deallocatejobDeallocate a job
describejobtypeRetrieve description for specified jobtype
deleteformDelete a form
deletemediaPermanently delete media item from account
deleteuserDelete a mobile user
downloadmediaDownload media item contents
exportformExport a Form definition as XML
exportformdataDisplay or export form data
exportjobsDisplay or export a list of jobs
exportjobtypeExport a job type definition as XML
exportusersDisplay or export all mobile user details
formdataDownload data for a specified form
helpDisplay this help
importjobsImport jobs for the specified jobtype from CSV
importjobsmultiImport jobs of multiple types
importjobtypeImport a job type, as exported by exportjobtype
importusersImport mobile users from a CSV file
jobdataRetrieve the data for a job
jobxmltemplateGenerate an XML template for a job of the given job type
jobtypeschemaRetrieve the XML schema document for a job type
listformsDisplay or export a list of forms
listgroupsList mobile user groups
listmediaList all media items in the account (attachments, images, lists, etc.)
listformgroupsList the groups forms are in
listjobhistoryDisplay the history for a specified job
listjobtypesDisplay or export a list of job types
listusersDisplay or export a list of mobile users
makeformnewSet all IDs to zero - use to make form 'new' or to compare two forms
makejobsDownload forms and create jobs, where "makejob" is a checked checkbox - data is copied from form to job where captions match
postmergeFix up merged form xml
purgeformPurge data by its form and row id
purgejob        Purge data its job id
purgecompletedcheck if a purge has completed
removeformfromgroupRemove form from user group
samplenotificationxmlDisplay or send dummy notification XML (extended format)
setlogonformSet a mobile user group's logon form
shredPermanently delete any data marked as downloaded
for a specified form
showjobShow details for a single job
transferformTransfer IDs from specified form into input (output new form)
uploaddatabaseUpload data for data-linked dropdown lists(CSV/XML)
uploadjobmediaUpload file attachments for jobs
uploadimageUpload image files for the image control
uploadjobxmlUpload job from raw XML (API format)
validatexmlValidate an XML document against an XSD
whoamiGet the ID of the user's account
xmltransformApply XSL transformation to the input XML file